Brazilian midfielder Anderson believes that Brazil will have a tough campaign at the next World Cup in Russia. He said that he does not understand why many people are making Brazil the favourite to win the tournament as there are some stronger teams that will be taking part in the tournament.

The Brazilian player who currently plays in the Brazilian league with Coritiba Football Club said that it is true that the national team has improved since their last World Cup but there are far from being a team capable of winning the trophy.

He said that teams such as Germany, Spain and France are all strong and that the Brazilian team will have to overcome them if they want to lift the title. He said that the performance in the qualifiers should not be taken into account as a lot of the teams were under performing and this allowed Brazil to qualify for the tournament quite easily.

Anderson is afraid that Brazilian fans will again be frustrated by their national team especially when the media is making them believed that they have a strong team. He said that the team has indeed progressed ever since their last world cup but this does not mean that they will the trophy in Russia quite easily.

He believes that we will have a better idea of the Brazilian team when they will be facing stronger team during friendlies at the end of the year. He said that there is indeed some good potential in the team and that the players will have to work harder if they want to have a chance of winning the title in Russia.

He believes that the Brazilian national team is on a good path and that they should continue to improve to stand a chance of winning the title.

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