The Brazilian player Anderson joined Fiorentina on a loan deal for until the end of the season but since he made his arrival to the Serie A club, he admitted that he was there to stay and had no intentions on going back to Manchester United where his time is limited.

Anderson stated on a recent interview that there are a number of other players of the squad that also want to make their way out of the Premier League club.

“I’m sure that lots of players want out, especially people like myself and Nani who have been in Manchester for seven or eight years,” Anderson was quoted as saying by ESPN.

“Manchester United is a huge club, a club that does everything for its players but sometimes a footballer wants to leave just to experience a different way to play football, to learn something as well.”

Patrice Evra and Rio Ferdinand are nearing the end of their respective contracts with Manchester United and Nemanja Vidic has already agreed terms with Inter Milan as the Serbian defender will be joining Inter Milan when the current campaign ends.

There are a number of other players as well that still are uncertain about their future with the Premier League club as David Moyes has a busy summer ahead of him with a clearance of performers that leaving the club, the Scottish coach has to find players that can fill in the spot that will be left.

Moyes has already said that he wants to sign new players in the summer which means that some of the performers which currently are in the squad will be seeing less time on the playing ground or they will simply just leave the club that has recently been suffering a downhill season.