Anderson’s career continues going downhill

There was once a time when Anderson had the chance to take the world under his control as the Brazilian player was labeled as the next big thing of Brazil with the media hyping him up so much that Manchester United splashed out €30 million in signing him when Anderson was only 19 years old.

Anderson’s time in Manchester United wasn’t a very impressive one as he only scored 5 goals in 105 appearances and the Premier League club started to lose faith in the Brazilian player, this is why Anderson was dropped to the sidelines in his last few seasons at Old Trafford.

It’s been a little over 1 year since Anderson joined the Brazilian side Internacional and even though he has returned to his native homeland, he continues struggling to spark his career back to life.

Anderson made his debut for Internacional during a match they had against Cruzeiro and in his opening appearance for his new club, he missed a penalty kick that could have given his team the victory. The 27 year old player was also sent out of the pitch after receiving a red card, this occurred after the Brazilian was mad for being ruled off and Anderson launched a string of insults and the referee showed him a straight red card.

The Brazilian player was even seen struggling just to breath after playing a match in Bolivia in a game that was played at 3,600 meters above sea level and this high altitude affected Anderson so much that he had to take oxygen on the bench.

All of these things have been occurring to Anderson who never truly managed to live up to the hype of the media and the expectations that were created some time ago and even after having made a move away from Manchester United, things haven’t changed very much.