Brazil needs to improve

Brazilian player Anderson said that the national team still needs to improve if they want to challenge for trophies on the international scene. He said that there are not among the top teams in the world at the moment and that they have to work harder to improve.

He believes that the national team coach Tite is aware of this situation and that he will be motivating the players to perform better. Anderson said that the players should move from an individualistic playing style and try to play better together.

Anderson said that the great Brazil team of the past had a great collective play alongside some great individuality. He said that this is what makes their strength and allow them to win so many trophies.

He believes that this current team should work on this aspect of their game if they want to challenge for trophies on the world scene. He said that there is no shortage of talent in Brazil and that there are many Brazilian players that play for the top sides in Brazil. He said that it is just about finding the right formula to fit all these great players together.

Anderson said that countries such as Germany as well as France do not have this problem and that it is important that Brazil also find a way to do this. He said that it will be interesting to see the performance of Brazil during the Copa America as this will be an indication of how much the team has progressed under Tite.

He said that the fans are impatient to see a strong Brazil team and that it is important that the players understand this and gives a great performance during the next Copa America. He believes that TIte knows the importance of this competition and will be doing his best to field a strong team.

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