Fans React Angrily After Valencia Contract Extension

The Manchester United fans reacted angrily in reply to the tweet posted by the official account of the club which confirmed Antonio Valencia’s contract extension. Many of the repliers were of the opinion that it was a bad move by the club management and they should have signed somebody else instead.

The supporters of the Red Devils have every right to be angry. They have been very patient with Valencia since the last 5 seasons. If the first few months of his Manchester United career are barred, the Ecuadorian has been a consistent flop at Old Trafford.

He has made quite a few excuses for his poor form in the last couple of seasons. At the end of the 2012-13 Season, he said that he should perhaps have not taken jersey no. 7 and that he would go with his old jersey number i.e. 25 in the next campaign.

But, even after changing his jersey number last season, there was no improvement in the winger’s performance. He made 29 league appearances, but, struck only on a couple of occasions.

He again had an excuse to make when the season got over.
According to him, the then manager of United, David Moyes, should have given him more playing time. While the truth was that Valencia himself was responsible for his pathetic display.

With the United squad all set to be rebuilt under Louis Van Gaal, people would not have imagined Valencia to be getting a contract extension. But, for some reason, it has happened.

Now, it would be really interesting to see how and in which position, the new boss use the Ecuadorian.

Valencia had signed for United in the summer of 2009 after leaving Wigan Athletic. The Red Devils had paid a transfer fee of over 16 million Pounds for buying him.