The Transfer of Players to be Continued

Umit Ozat is the president and coach for Sancak league. The teams for the league have said that the football players are very happy about the fact that they are going to be transferred to other teams. They also said that they are chatting with fellow players about the new season. The players have talked about the preparations with the president of the club and also with the teams of Murat Sancak league. The initiatives that they have taken will be continue on the missing areas.

Much of the information has been received by the Sancak league officials about the recent status of the teams especially from their technical team. Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira, the star player of Brazil, seemed to be very much interested. He expressed his feelings about the new season for the league of Sancak. He said that it will be very much challenging and exciting at the same time for them. According to his statement, he and his team will continue to work with the awareness as the fans for the team wants to see them win and get success. He also said that the skeleton staff must be protected. Some of the transfers for the team were essential to strengthen the team as a whole. Some of the negotiations on transfers are going on. Anderson said that all the needed initiatives will be made by the missing places as soon as possible.
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