Anderson might be spending the second half of the ongoing season away from Old Trafford as his former club FC Porto wants to sign him again.

According to the reports, the Portuguese club wants him only on loan at the moment, but, if he shows consistency over there, they might decide to make the deal permanent as well.

Anderson is not being given playing time at Manchester United and he is clearly frustrated because of that. Some of the statements that he has made recently suggest that he wants to play regularly. So, he would not mind being placed on loan to Porto.

The United boss David Moyes is also believed to be quite busy during the mid-season transfer window as he is not happy with the current composition of the Red Devils squad. He wants to bring in some new faces and offload some guys as well. Anderson might be one of those who are in that offload list.

However, Porto is not the only club which has shown interest in Anderson. The Premier League club Fulham has also been reported to be quite interested in him.

David Moyes doesn’t seem to have that much trust in the abilities of Anderson. There hasn’t been a single game in the ongoing season in which he has allowed the Brazilian midfielder to be on the ground for full 90 minutes.

In one of his recent interviews, when Anderson was asked about his tuning with the new boss, he had made it clear that everything was alright between the two of them.

Anderson had said, “I am absolutely fine with David. He is a good coach and we all are just trying to support him as much as we can. As far as my situation is concerned, I haven’t had a chat with him regarding that.”