According to the latest reports from Football Italia, Felipe Anderson’s agent has slammed a €50m price tag on the player, as interests in the player continue to increase.

The initial interests in the player from English giants Manchester United might have reduced over the past 18 months, but the report claims there are other clubs interested in the player.

The 23-year old Brazilian is reported to be excited at the prospects of playing in the Olympics when his country begins the event. His sister and agent told in Brazil that:

“He will cost any club €50m. He is a complete player, but still needs to improve a little bit to fully prove what he can do.”

Felipe Anderson, who is in the preliminary Brazil squad for the Olympics in Rio this summer, said he has worked very hard for two years with the squad. He adds that there’s a lot of competition but that he has always found playing time, so he believes he would take part in the tournament when it begins.
However, there are concerns that his club might not release him for the games. On that he said:

“Lazio aren’t very happy, as the tournament is played just before the start of the season, but it is the dream of any athlete to take part in the Olympics, especially in my home nation, in front of friends and family.

He insists the he would be able to get the required permission from his club to live his dreams when the Olympics games begin.

The transfer price tag might come off as outrageous for the budding player but his agent insists that the fee would be in that region. With the open interests in other players, it is unlikely that the Red Devils will sign him anytime soon.