Redknapp has opinions to share on substituting

QPR’s Harry Redknapp has voiced his opinion concerning how substitutions should work in football as the English manager had to substitute Sandro within the opening minutes during QPR’s Premier League match against Southampton but the Brazilian midfielder wanted to come back into the pitch in the second half but after a player is substituted off, he can’t enter the playing grounds.
Redknapp believes that there should be short substitutions allowed in the Premier League which can allow players from the sidelines of the team enter the pitch for a brief period of time and later return to the bench after the injured player is back in form and recovered.
Harry Redknapp told the media: “You couldn’t wait 10 or 15 minutes with 10 men; you couldn’t give medics that amount of time to look at a player. But it doesn’t sound the worst idea for a temporary replacement, so that the doctors could have a longer look. Medical people can’t take a chance and if someone is very bad you cannot expect them to carry on because if something went wrong we would all be very sorry.”
When a player picks up an injury in the middle of a match, the medical staff arrives into the pitch and they have to make a quick decision on whether or not the player is actually able to play or not, depending on how serious the injury might be and sometimes an injury is not as bad as initially believed.
This is what happened with the Brazilian midfielder Sandro a few weeks ago when QPR sustained their 4th Premier League defeat as the player picked up a concussion at the 11th minute and to leave the pitch but he wanted to return and continue playing in the second half but rules do not allow him on doing so.