Wes Brown is a Blunt Critic in Football Industry

Wes Brown has always been seen as somebody who puts forward his views quite bluntly and yesterday too, he said something which not many players would have said on a public forum.

Brown called the 26-year old current Red Devils’ defender Anderson an Unintelligent player.

According to Brown, out of all the players that he has met or played with so far, he has found nobody lesser intelligent than Anderson.

Brown also disclosed that despite having spent more than 7 years in England, Anderson still finds it difficult to talk to people in the English language fluently and he put it down to the Brazilian’s reluctance or disinterest in learning the language.

In a personal interview last week, Brown was asked to pick a former teammate of his whom he considers least intelligent.
He immediately came up with Anderson’s name.

In the words of Brown, “It’s Anderson for sure. He has been here in England for so long and I doubt if he is able to converse with people in English. At least till the time I was there, he could not do with English properly.”

Brown answered several other questions too there in that interview.

When asked to pick a game that he cherishes the most and will always cherish, the former defender said, “I would say the European Cup title match in the 2007-08 Season.”

“That season, as a whole, was pretty good for me actually. I had been very useful for the club as right back and we beat the Blues to get to the trophy. It could not have been better than that. It’s such a sweet memory.”

Manchester United was one of the only two clubs that Brown represented in his career. Sunderland was the other one. He joined Sunderland pretty late when he was past his peak.